Talents Recruitment 诚聘优秀人才

1) Trainee Social Media Marketer 社交媒体营销员(小编)
2) Vacancy Internship Training 实习生
3) Trainee Event Planner 活动策划
4) Trainee Travel Consultant 旅游顾问
5) Trainee Product Development 旅游产品策划

Job Requirements:

  • Have good writing skills in Chinese, English and Bahasa Melayu, able to create original content📝
  • Proficient in the use and management of social media such as: Facebook, We Chat, Instagram, etc.💻
  • Positive mindset 💪
  • Creativity & Innovation🤩
  • Have a certain aesthetic ability, good at basic picture design, better film trimming🖼
  • Clear thinking , good communication skills🗣 good at data search📑📊
  • with team communication and cooperation👭👬
  • Self-provided transportation🚗

If you are interested and have the above conditions, please email your resume and work to [email protected] To arrange interviews with the content of work and salary. Thank you!