Sport Events

Estate Run 2018

Event Date: 3rd February 2018
Time: 7.30am - 11.00am
Venue: Padang Terap, Kedah
Route Distance: 8KM

MLS Holidays is not an ordinary travel agent , we set goals and climb fearlessly to achieve it . Padang Terap, 3rd largest district of Kedah, is where we settled down our first ever sport event. It’s like a hidden amazing sapphire waiting us to explore!
With this faith, we successfully accomplished a sport event that is Estate Run 2018. Estate Run 2018 is a project initiative by Tourism Malaysia Kedah and managed by MLS Holidays. With the purpose of unite the locals and runners from around Malaysia, to know better the value of healthy, we decide to have this Estate Run!
Estate Run in Padang Terap 2018 was a success. We reached our goal of getting 800 participants and we were excited about welcoming 82 volunteers to give a hand during the event. Overall, the feedback we received was unexpectedly positive, we can feel the love from people despite of races. Throughout the years, we have collaborate with many agents and more to be confirmed. Please stay tuned for more sport events from us!